News from our garden

A little update on the garlic circle and an exciting new variety of elderflower.

About two years ago I discovered a beautiful kind of elderflower: “Black Beauty” (Sambucus Nigra). The bush has very dark purple, long and slim leaves and beautiful pink flowers. And the best thing is: you can make syrup of it just as you do it with the more common, white flowers. As Emil loves elder juice, I make about 20 liters every year, so I had to get me this kind of elder and this year I made syrup of it for the first time:


That’s how it looks when it is done and ready to drink (here in comparison with the ordinary white version):


It tastes just the same but looks much more exotic and is an eyecatcher every time! Besides, the bush looks very nice in our garden.


The latest news from the garlic garden: I could not resist but harvest one bulb of the “Messidrome” sort.


Yes, it was small, but it had already three cloves!


It was wonderfully juicy and mild and refined my Sauce Bolognese!

I can’t wait for the harvest in August!



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