Aladdin the magic dog

A Barbet finds his way to Sweden.

Since many years I have been wanting a dog. Until last March I could not really find any passion for any specific breed. But we also had quite high demands: he should be friendly, healthy, a family dog who participates in our activities and is a friend for our kids. He should even be suitable as a therapy dog for Nova. I had searched for so long that I had nearly given up hope to find him but through a colleague of mine I learned about the dog breed Barbet, the french waterdog. He meets all our demands and has an extra plus: he does not shed!

After a short search on the internet I found out about a very experienced breeder in Switzerland and I contacted her. She even had puppies for sale and there he was: our brown male Barbet puppy. On the 6th of June I picked him up in beautiful Switzerland: Q’Aladdin Sane vom Zulimo.

From the very beginning he was a very good, clean, friendly, cautious but curious little guy. And this is how Nova and Aladdin get along after only a few days:

Harmony (click here)

We also have 2 tomcats of the breed Burma: Mowgli, a 6 year old, fully grown boy and a 7 months old, blue, cheeky little guy:


Both are from the cattery “Stjärnviks” in the south of Sweden. Burmese are an awesome breed, very social and good with children. But it was not easy to predict how they would react to the puppy. Mowgli is still very sceptical but Picasso and Aladdin have already become good buddies:

Friends (click here)

Now what shall I say… everything is working out really fine right now, our family is completed and I am very happy that I have finally found “my” dog!



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