Linus’ Maki

One of the many ways of using cured salmon: Linus’ maki!

It is so easy!


  • one flat, soft bread, Linus uses “polarbröd” here in Sweden
  • philadelphia cheese or any other fresh, spreadable cheese
  • cured salmon, cut into thin slices
  • fresh dill


Lay bread flat in front of you and spread the cheese all over it in a thin layer. Cover about 2/3 of the bread with the salmon now.


Spread the chopped dill on top of the salmon.


Roll up the whole thing tightly.


Cut the finished roll into slices, maybe about one or two centimeters thick and voilà: the perfect savoury bits are ready to go with the prosecco. One can even prepare them some hours earlier and keep them in the fridge, covered with some cling film.

If guests from Austria are visitng me, they always get served Linus’ sushi on the first evening. 😉



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