A tower for Nova

My dear friend Joy Bailey inspired me to the following project: Building a tower for Nova.

Joy has a very cute, 18 months old boy and with simple resources she built a possibility for her son to be on an “adult level” in a safe way, always and everywhere. I was so thrilled by that idea, that I – with Joy’s help – built a genius standing aid for Nova within a few hours and for very little money. First I went to Ikea (alone) and bought the following:

One Oddvar und one Bekväm. Together for 18 €:


I started with assembling Bekväm according to the instructions, then continued with Oddvar. I again followed the instructions, but only up to step 3 in the instructions. Step 4 would be to attach the seat on top of the stool.


Instead I installed the seat to the bottom of the stool. On the picture the stool is upside down:


Afterwards I got me 8 screws and Linus (my boyfriend) plus a screwdriver. He screwed the two stools together, seat to seat, so to say. It looks like this:



Isn’t that genius? Finally Nova can stand safe and secure everywhere in the house: she can help cooking in the kitchen, she is now able to wash her hands and face herself by the sink and in the meantime the tower has replaced the standing bowl, where we had to strap her in and in which she could not move much actively. She is very excited about it and tonight she was even dancing while watching kids TV – in the tower!


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